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Floor Plan and Zoning

Creating a dream apartment can be more difficult than it seems, even if there are no load-bearing walls or there's a lot of space to divide. We can help you with this. The Apartment professionals will determine which zones you would like to highlight and which ones should be hidden, and the way zones are separated from each other. As a result, you will get a perfectly designed and well-organized space.


Sometimes, an apartment has more rooms than you need or vice versa, the rooms are not enough and some of them should be divided into smaller ones. If the construction allows moving the walls inside the apartment, this is not a problem: our construction team will increase the bathroom, expand the kitchen, add a dressing room to the bedroom, or combine a living room and an office. After the new floor plan is approved by your local authorities, we will start renovating your apartment. As a result, you will get a space with a new layout ready for finishing.

Interior Design
With our long experience and professional skills, we can create a home that you will truly love. We can find an approach to any room. After learning your requirements and preferences, we will proceed to the development of the project and find a perfect color scheme, select matching furniture textures, and colors, the way furniture will be arranged, window treatments and light. All these details are selected in accordance with the project budget.
Furniture Design

When stores have nothing suitable for your place or if you want to have a unique piece of furniture at home that would be perfect for your interior and match your personality, our small furniture workshop will make a unique high-quality item for you that will also be long-lasting and beautiful. We make desks and dining tables, chairs, sofas, and armchairs, as well as storage systems and units, for which we use only the highest quality materials.

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